Refresher training programs, Holding academic conferences,
Publishing academic journals, Developing clinical guidelines

We will do our best to provide safe and effective treatment.


The Korean Association of Traditional Oncology was established in 1994. During the 22 years, we have grown into a representative association of Korean Traditional Oncology through various academic conferences and journal publications. Also, we are proud to be a vanguard in providing scientific evidence of treatment through textbook publication and development of treatment guidelines. We assume heavy responsibility now that the Korean Society of Integrative Oncology has been established and pursues academic activities to keep pace with global trends.

Recently in China, cancer treatment through joint treatment of Eastern and Western medicine is becoming an orthodox treatment method. It is widely accepted that Korean Medicine treatment is necessary after surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy to improve treatment effects and quality of life.

Korean Traditional Oncology has been practiced for a long time, but it is not yet fully recognized by the people in Korea. Despite the increasing number of Korean Medicine hospitals and clinics providing cancer treatment in various ways, there isn’t an approved treatment guideline that backs up their treatment. This goes against global trends which emphasizes evidence-based, objective guidelines. Therefore we feel that it is our duty of utmost importance to provide a foundation in which treatment can be made under official guidelines.

To accomplish this, we will make efforts to gather effective treatment methods from university hospitals and local clinics through refresher training programs, academic conferences, journals publications, and development of clinical guidelines so that practitioners of Korean Medicine can provide safe and effective treatment under an approved treatment guidelines.

We greatly appreciate all members for the efforts they made in the development of cancer treatment through Korean Medicine. Please continue to offer the dedication and participation as you have to this day.

Yours sincerely,
President Moon Gu