Clinical treatment and research of cancer based on Traditional Korean Medicine theories

Korean Association of Traditional Oncology

Greetings to all members.
Despite developing cancer treatment technologies, the number of cancer patients and their mortality rate continues to grow. Therefore a need to overcome the limits of surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy has risen, and thus new immunotheapies and stem cell treatments are being developed. Also, integrative oncology based on complementary and alternative medicine is becoming a global trend.

Korean Medicine treatment is an important aspect of integrative oncology. All global cancer treatment hospitals are implementing integrative cancer treatment including Korean Medicine. Also in Korea, our association is improving treatment effects through West-East joint research and academic conferences.

Last year, our association has dedicated a lot of effort to develop guidelines of Korean Medicine cancer treatment based on integrative oncology. Also, many members have participated in our in-depth education of integrative cancer treatment. Through this, we feel that treatment effects of Korean Medicine cancer treatment have greatly improved and also standardized a step further.

In this refresher training program, we have invited great lecturers to speak about ‘The Present and Future of Korean Medicine Integrative Cancer Treatment.’ We believe it will be an opportunity for all members to gain information and knowledge of not only the basics of cancer treatment, but also various recent cancer treatment methods and prevention of metastasis or recurrence.

Please offer your interest and participation.

Yours sincerely,
President Moon Gu